Bolsa is located on Davis just west of the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff in a historic building known as Settles Garage. The original owner and namesake built the core building block by block himself and established a reputation for great service within a very solid and attractive building.

Bolsa has paid tribute to the Settles Garage by restoring many original elements while reclaiming and reusing virtually all the parts that fit into today’s operation from the original garage doors on Davis to the original cement floor salvaged for paving stones on the new patio. New doors and windows are also big in a nod to Ole Settles to keep the natural light and fresh air flowing in his space.

The location in Oak Cliff was chosen based on the sense of community that exists in this somewhat eclectic, bohemian neighborhood, which is a perfect match to the Bolsa experience. Bolsa, like the local streets of Oak Cliff, is just minutes from Dallas but a world away from the big city crush.

Bolsa serves lunch and dinner seven days a week from an ever evolving, carefully thought out menu designed by Chef Dodds. The kitchen has no freezer or fryer by design. Many of the ingredients in the kitchen are also available in the Bolsa market area. Locally grown in Texas, is organic and of compelling quality, Chef Dodds finds a way to build it into a dish  or sandwich or bite to die for.